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Muliplus 12/2000 shutting off

Hi, I have a multiplus 12/2000 in my solar set up on my travel trailer. Lately I’ve just just been plugging into shore power at campgrounds and have the muliplus on “charge only.”

At the last campground I went to the inverter would shut off like it lost mains/shore power for a second or two then kick right back on. This would happen at least every hour. We moved sites, same issue. The surge protector I use when plugging into shore power stayed lit up during one of these outages. We moved to a third site with a 50 amp plug and plugged into it assuming maybe the power at the park had peaks and troughs in its power and that 50 amp wouldn’t drop as much. We had the same issue but only every few hours... sometimes no issue for 7 hours.

I’m thinking it must have been the power at the campground, and no one else had issues as they didn’t have a multiplus acting as a gatekeeper for the power. We are at a new campground now, and no issues yet for over 14 hours.

Details: no breakers popped, draw did not effect it—it would cut off with the air conditioner running or just a little fan, I have my current limit on my GX control set at 30 amp.

A few questions:

Will the multiplus do that—shut off and turn back on—if current or voltage from the shore power source drops below a certain amount?

What should my GX control current limit be set at? (I have a small 30 amp travel trailer, 600W of solar, 300ah lithium battery bank, and only run the air conditioner when plugged into shore power on “charge only” mode) and what current is it controlling?

Why when in “charge only” mode will the multiplus draw from the battery bank when it turns back on after one of these momentary shut downs in order to power the air conditioner’s compressor? Seems like charge only would mean it doesn’t tap batteries ....

Thank you

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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1- Yes if the input supply voltage, frequency or current draw is outside the acceptable limits it can/will disconnect from the AC In supply.

2- The current limit should be set at or below what the AC supply can provide and ideally significantly above the max current you plan to draw (to accommodate start up loads).

The AC In current limit should limit the total AC In current and will achieve this by firstly limiting/reducing the charge current and then secondly using the 'Power Assist' function to provide a higher total current output with the assistance of the inverter (powered by the batteries).

3- But as you are running your Multiplus in 'Charger Only' mode, I expect that 'Power Assist' will be disabled in this state (since the inverter is not allowed to turn on) and AC In will then probably disconnect if the AC In current limit is ever exceeded.

Going forward I would recommend to try running the Multiplus in inverter & charger (fully ON) mode instead. As long as AC In is active it should not ever activate the inverter and draw upon the batteries, unless the input current is not sufficient to cover the load. If the inverter can assist during these infrequent high load events, then it should prevent the AC In disconnections that you have experienced and your batteries should still remain fully charged.

Note that features such as 'Power Asssist', 'Dynamic Current Limit', 'Weak AC Input' and other related settings/limits can be enabled/disabled and configured using VE.Configure & a MK3 to USB interface.

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