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SmartSolar, MultiPlus, and Cerbo GX

Consider a system with a nominal 24V Lithium with 500Ah of capacity using a Multiplus Inverter, SmartSolar MPPTs, BVM-720 Shut and a 1500W AC Load. Now assume that Battery is 100% charged and Solar is plentiful.

If the battery is full, what tells the MPPT it is okay to send power to inverter if it sense that the battery voltage is still far above its absorption or bulk voltage threshold? Is this configuration in the inverter? Is it in the MPPT? Shunt? or CerboGX?

As far as the writing is concerned, this is a standard solar setup. There is no rocket science stuff going on right now. The plan is that at some point when the battery is full, a relay will turn on an AC load to start hot water heater running.

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@Jay Kote

Depends on if you are running ESS or not.

Each component is programmed with the correct voltages for your battery so overcharging with too high a voltage should not happen.

Is your battery CAN managed? If so then the battery through DVCC controls charge.

If no ESS then mppt will move through the charge cycles bulk absorption (using the programmed voltages) and float so it wait for rebulk offset before producing again.

ESS keeps the mppt in bulk during the day to keep the mppt in production for loads like the water heater. The Cerbo will tell it to produce or not.

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Is there a tutorial on how to set up ESS? Can you expand on DVCC? Is DVCC individually set on all devices or a single one eg Cerbo?

To answer your question - battery is not CAN managed.

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ESS has its own manual. It is designed for permanent installs and on grid systems.

DVCC is in the Cerbo manual as well.

Also of the set up for both will require you to know alot more about your battery.

There is training on Victron Professional. You can sign up for free there

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