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Multiplus: NULL Return


I have an information portion of a Node Red program that turns the Ve.Bus on and off according to an SOC condition. In this display segment I have put together a function node to interpret the numbers produced by the output of the ve.bus system node, and Provide a TEXT output indicating where we are at Multi's Ve.Bus state.


It works ...sort of: if I leave it alone for a while, maybe a day or so, I'll come back and it will be providing me with a "null" as it's state ( in the debug window so I'm assuming something is turned off ). What is the best way of avoiding this problem that doesn't have me leaving the "Multi" on "invert?" Or maybe I should rephrase that: What are the options for continuing to get a notice of the Multi's state? I suspect that there are other methods of measuring this state that go beyond Nod Red but I'm a bit limited in terms of my ability to getting hold of and using things like unix outputs etc.

Thanks for your response.


multiplus ve.busNode-RED
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