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What happens to power production when Fronius loses communication with GX?

Hi, in the case of comms failure between master and inverter, is the Fronius inverter automatically disabled or kept with the last known setpoints?


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Thanks, I have had exactly this same situation. So good to know all is well even if it is not present on the network.

However, there are then gaps in solar produced, a bit irritating.... why would the comma fall over. I have not had this problem and all of a sudden it has surfaced. I have found that my external internet comma has been erratic but it should not affect the local connection between ccgx and fronius primo?

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Hi @AjaS

The comms are not required for the operation of the Fronius inverter.

Once the Multi is programmed with the AC PV assistant, then it will raise the frequency to cut out the inverter regardless of if it is connected or not.

The Fronius will continue to produce as well, it does not require the comms to operate. It will run until the frequency exceeds its programmed spec (usually ~52hz).

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Just to add to this

If the coms is lost it just means it won’t show on the colour gx

Ask one as the fronuis has a AC supply to it will still power AC loads and the multi will use any surplus available

Hope that helps



this is one of the problems. excess pv on AC out 1 is not fully utilized to charge the batteries. ccgx limits the Primo in stead of using it to charge.

also as the output is running with same frequency as the input frequency the multi cant change that... so something else is controlling the fronius, not the frequency.

I have noticed that there is a Fronius limit shown on the ccgx. Also the last column of a vrm download. It would be nice if the limit could be shown on the fronius on ccgx display. Or a symbol on it that limiting is in operation.

So I have also seen on ccgx that the fronius is being limited, but the battery is not full, charge current is not the limit, output frequency on vrm is 50 or thereabouts, 50.36 hz. So I’m not sure why the ccgx is showing a fronius limit, sometimes a limit of 1 kW from upper limit of 4kW.

Hi Guy. I note in the ccgx it has the fronius power limit and in vrm report also, last column. The fronius is being limited but the output frequency is not anywhere near 52 hz . I track both input and output frequency which is in the order 49.9 - 50.36.

I have another thread going because it is being limited yet the battery charge limit is not met, soc still low, so it should be pushing the charge not limiting the fronius.

What’s more, I note when the comms are down (no fronius pic on ccgx) the zero feed in status is “no”. For some reason since I got this to be “yes”, my network and internet connectivity has been very erratic. When my network come right I’ll post a pic of the screen with the feed-in limit. It is night now so will show 4000, the size of my primo.

The ccgx takes ages to scan and find the fronius again. I have the IP address in detected, I added it.

On this I have an IP address that I want to delete off ccgx but the delete function does not work, only add works. I added a .65 in stead of .165, now I can’t get rid of .65?

1DA83A32-0376-4D30-9834-39C804845A58.jpegF7380199-09D0-4685-B048-06FE652BAAF2.pngOk have had a good look at this. The single line shows that it is not possible to change the output frequency unless the inverter is on, disconnected from grid. So these frequencies for control, are they using the mains as a carrier.

When my ccgx looses the inverter then the zero feed-in status returns to “no” and the feed -in limit on the device, inverter, is not shown.

One document shows the start of power reduction is 50.2 hz. We have Eskom and input frequency I have seen on vrm to be 50.36 hz at times. So this could give me trouble if the settings are as shown.

The second pic is of the inverter device on ccgx. The 4000 limit is the size of inverter from ess set up. This number goes lower when feed-in control is active.

So need better understanding how exactly the fronius zero feed-in works.

Hi Guy. The output run synchronized with the grid input frequency. it is not possible for the Multi to output 52 Hz? only if the inverter is disconnected from grid can it do this.

during zero feed-in control the multi inverter is off, as it is hopefully fully busy in the other direction to charge the batteries.

i have made other comments regarding this earlier. the multi is not fully utilizing the excess pv to charge, it is rather implementing the zero feed-in pv reduction. priorities are not right.

Ac PV assist is for off grid situation, right?

What about on grid ess solution? Then you can’t change frequency, output is tied to input while on grid. Mine reducing PV and no charging batteries. I have put a whole explanation on the community but not got any feedback, yet.