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Solar charge controller vs smart shunt

Dear community

I just ordered a Smart Solar MPPT 75 | 10 to charge my van with a solar panel. I did not realise that it has bluetooth and readable data through the app, so I also ordered a smart shunt.

I was thinking of sending the smart shunt back, but I dont know what I would actually miss if I just use the charge controller data? Can the controller also read the state of the battery?

Thank you in advance and kind regards


MPPT SmartSolarSmartShunt
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Unless you meant a Bluetooth dongle (instead of SmartShunt), I'll say to keep both. They nicely complement each other.

Read about VE.Smart Networking.

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Tahnk you @Seb71

No not a dongle.

So as I understanding with the smart shunt I do get more information then with the solar charge controller?

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Main thing a SmartShunt gives you is information about the battery's state of charge (SOC).

If networked with the SmartSolar, then the SmartSolar MPPT will adjust the charging based on data from the SmartShunt. Read that link I gave you, for more details.


Keep in mind that this is not plug and play. You have to adjust the settings properly.


Be very careful about the correct polarity when connecting the devices to the battery (and to the PV).


Did you check if that PV panel is able to charge the battery? The PV voltage must be at least 5V higher than the battery voltage, in order for the MPPT to start charging.

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Hi @Seb71 thanks a lot. Sorry I thought the link is a signature…. Will check it out now.


I will research on it and also read the manuals. I was a car mechanic back in the days, I will be careful with polarity.


The panlr is 100W with max 5A. Pretty cute :) but at least the lowest is 20v.

Thanks again for your time and answers! Much appreciated

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