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How to regulate charge for 2 groups of 2 batteries?

Hello everybody,

I'm equipped with 4 Batteries (12V 225Ah) connected in parralel to get 12V 900AH total.

I'm charging this with a Quattro, and also an Mppt (from my solar panels), but i liked to be sure that each battery is charged correctly and at 100% !

I understand that the Quattro or the MPPT will give the charge tension value, but it will be for an average of this 4 batteries. Could i use a Argo Fet or Cyrix to regulate and manage the charge correctly for each batteries ? I understand that the Argo Fet as only 3 output, i'll need 4 in my case! Do you have any advise for a perfect configuration ?

Thank you.

Best regards.

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The way I understand it is that you want to retain a 900Ah bank for the system?
If you connect the batteries up correctly then they will receive an equal charge. One of the two methods illustrated below will give excellent results without the need for any gadgets.

The ArgoFET is not really designed for what you have in mind.

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thank you for your return.

So there is no other way to be sure that each battery is at the 100% when the charger stop ?

In my mind, if we connect the battery charger on the 12V+ and Ground wires, the charger will mesure the tension there, and so the average. For example:

batt 1 = 12V

Batt 2= 13V

batt 3= 11V

batt 4= 12V

The charger will mesure a 12V tension, and won't see that one of them is low and should be charge a bit more.

Maybe I'm wrong or I'm looking too much in the details...

I like your "Perfectly balanced draw" configuration.

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Make sure you charge each battery individually before paralleling them.

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Think about it this way: If you have connected all of your batteries together with heavy copper wires then how will it be possible for one battery to be at 11V and another one at 13V? If they are all connected together then they will have to be at the same Voltage.

Imagine if you had a group of batteries sitting around on the floor and you decided to connect them together. They might be at different Voltages on their own on the floor, but once connected up, the higher Voltage one would charge the lower Voltage one until the bank was balanced

Now it is possible during charge and discharge (when current is flowing) to have batteries with different Voltages due to imbalanced current flow. This situation is minimised by employing one of the wiring methods that I showed earlier.

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