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Quattro 24/8000 x 2 the Power Assist settings are not as set in the CCGX

I have two Quattro 24/8000 units are setup in parallel , I am having a issue with Power Assist, in as much as the setting that I set the support at is not what happens in the real world

Ie I set the Power assita support level at Say 80 amps and the support then occurs at 57 amps

This diferance happens on AC 1 in and AC2 in settings

Quattro FW 459

CCGX FW 2.32~2

VRM access is available if needed on request

Everything seems to operate correctly though but the power ASSIST amps reading is out by a lot

AC1 is Mains

AC2 is generator

Now to get the Power assist to work on AC1 correctly on a 63 amp breaker I have had to set the amps at 80 on THE ccgx THEN the breaker amp reading is 57 amps

What should I do so that I can have the correct AC amp readings readings .

This site is on the VRM if you want to check anything

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hello, PowerAssist feature takes the setpoint ACinput limit as an absolute maximal value (at which level the fuse on the grid feed will blow ), this is not the actual setpoint the Powerassist is aiming at.

The setpoint is at app 90% of the setting to create a margin. Specially when there are possible voltage fluctuations on AC input, the current can fluctuate as well.

So if you want to get closer to the limit of what you acpext the fuse will handle, simply raise the setpoint.

Beside this, when having two units in parallel as you have the 100% symatrical (dc AND ac) wiring is responsible for an even balancing of this current.

When this isnt 100%, there can be a lower (or higher ) actual current then the setpoint as well.

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