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Low voltage Quattro 5000/12 issue when inverting only 100w

I've been having a massive issue when inverting where my 12V voltage gets under 10V triggering the low shutdown and restarts. I have 2x400AH EG4 batteries which should handle 200A each but its barely usable.

Biggest issue is when its trying to assist shore as I have 30amps and it just shuts everything down again and again

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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The usual cause is either wiring config or undersized cabling if the batteries are as capable as they say they are.

5000 ÷ 12 is 416A so you are borderline minimum.

Do you have them daisy chained or bus bar connected? What size wiring have you used? Have you got any breakers or fusing along the cabling?

Is eveything torqued correctly?

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