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SmartNetwork voltage discrepency

I have a BMV712 sharing voltage and temperature info on the network. I have a SmartSolar 75/15 also on this network, receiving the data.

I have my absorption voltage set to 13.74 because I'm babying a DIY 12v lifepo4 pack (one used cell begins to run away at 13.8). But the voltage displayed in the SmartSolar is always lower than the BMV when charging. I.E. BMV says it's 13.6, smartsolar says 13.42 or something. I've left/rejoined network, created new, etcetc quite a few times so that isn't the fix.

I looked back through the history of the SmartSolar and it says Battery V Max of usually 13.56 - 13.62. I'm guessing the voltage at BMV when SmartSolar sees 13.62 is close to the set absorption voltage, so 13.7something. That's fine and dandy but makes me uneasy since if it ever hit 13.8 for much longer than a few minutes, one of my cells will soar over 3.6v. So is this intended behavior, to receive a voltage from the BMV but display another? I have one incident in my SmartSolar's history where the battery max was 13.82, and if that translated to like 14v on the BMV - even worse for my weak cell.

Also, how on earth do you reset the BMV history without doing a factory reset? My battery voltage max in the BMV says 20.something volts, and has since I first put the pack together on my living room floor. I don't know where the value came from, but since it's high and I can't clear it, I can't check to see what numbers the BMV is peaking at just before the controller enters float. Thanks!

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The clear history function for the BMV-712 is on page 29 of the manual:

63, Clear history is the option below Factory reset.

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