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DVCC charge limit with no Victron devices.


i was watching a video from Andy's off-grid garage about the dvcc charge current limit. In his video the DC load affect the total charge limit cause is not monitored and he said that if you put a SmartShunt the dc load get taken in account and not just calculated.

So i was thinking... it will work also to monitor other no Victron mppt chargers? Let me explain.

I have an oversized system for winter, so in summer there is too much energy and i have to limit the chargers. At the mooment i have 3 Victron Mppt but also 2 Epever (yeah, good ones but not smart).

Their dc power is just calculated by the Smartshunt and not taken in account. But if i add a SmartShunt to monitor the Epevers? I know i can't change their settings but their current will be monitored and Venus can change the SmartSolar settings. I know the best thing is to change the chargers but i will do it in the future or when the Epever fails.

Another use for the SmartShunt can be to monitor the charge from an hybrid inveter? In the next days a Multiplus-II 48V 5000Va will pair with an hybrid one i already have. My idea is to connect the hybrid as AC1-IN and share the same battery. The hybrid is connected to a string of 10 400W panel and honestly i can't afford to buy a MULTI RS 450 chargernow, so i will keep the present one mostly as charger and to assist the Multi for the big loads.

If my idea works, i need just one additional Smartshunt for the hybrid and Epevers or i need two?

This whole setting is just an idea in my mind, i'm still confused.

Thanks in advance for all the help and suggestion.

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In a Victron-only system, in order to use DVCC you need a GX device (such as Cerbo GX). You don't mention any. Do you have one?

The SmartShunt would be used monitor the battery, not the MPPT chargers. The Cerbo GX then limits the charging from Victron MPPTs (if you set a limit using DVCC) by monitoring the current into the battery measured by the SmartShunt.

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I have a raspberry with venus os on it.
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The Pi is your GX, so will control the Victron MPPTs if they're connected.
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