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Looking for a sanity check on my installing of 2 multiplus II charger / inverters

I am finishing up my AC Wiring diagram and wanted to get a second set of eyes before I start purchasing and installing.


Sailboat single house battery bank - 24V 400a

2 x Multiplus II 24v, 3kVA, 70a Charger / Inverters

1 Northern Light Generator 120v 50a

Available to me is 240v 50a shore power pedestal


The best approach is to let the Multiplus II inverter manage the AC output. To me this means both the AC Pedestal and Generator 120v 50a power is connected to the Multiplus II and the Inverter output is connected to the AC Panel. Each Multiplus Inverters should be connected to a separate AC panel because of potential out of phase AC Frequency scenario.

I can connect the Neutral (White Wire) from Panel 1 to Panel 2 so they share a common Neutral Wire?

My Approach:

To use a selector switch to select from Shore / Off / Generator. Blue Sea has one that will let me take 240v and split it into 2 x 120v outputs. On the output side of the Selector Switch would be a Voltmeter, Amp meter and two 50a breakers (1 for each Multiplus II). On the output side of breaker I would add a jumper so the White Neutral Wires where connected. Some diagrams show a busbar, not sure if that is required or showing your need to connect both Mutiplus unit to the same Neutral Wire on the charger side.

The Multiplus II Inverter AC-out-1 will have it's own dedicated AC panel with a 75A isolation breaker. Same goes for the second Muliplus II Inverter.

One remaining question is: Can I connect AC 1 Panel Neutral (White) to AC 2 Panel Neutral White to ensure both Inverter Neutral Legs are connected?

I would separate my AC loads to that each Panel was balanced.

Inverter's AC-out-2:

I am a sailboat so out side of my galley AC needs. The only other loads are two A/C Units, Water Heater and maybe a Washer / Dryer Combo. It would seem that I could manually just manage these loads via AC-out-1 by turning on and off the breakers / switches. There would be no need to have a separate AC-out-2 AC panel. Thoughts?

Any information and suggestion will be much appeached.

Thank you in advance

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Wiring diagrams are much better than lengthy descriptions.

On another note, why are you choosing a 24V system and not a 48V system?

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