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Multiplus over-charging

This question related to a question I posted a day ago. The SoC was showing 100% even though the batteries were only on about 70%. None-the-less, when plugged into shore-power, the Multiplus was charging - pushing about 30A (on both charger or inverter). Now I am not sure if it will stop charging and switch into float mode, because the batteries on a 24V system we're already reaching 28V, so I switched it off for fear of over-charging. Should I switch it back on again and expect it eventually to switch into float, or is there a problem here? Does the whole Multiplus system need to be reset? If so, HOW does one reset?

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Hello Kirsten,

The Multiplus does not use the State of Charge to make any charging decisions. It doesn't know the state of charge when first connected, so will display 100% as a place to start, and will resync that when the 100% charged conditions are met.

It is important to have a Multiplus and battery system setup by someone who understands the necessary charging voltages for your batteries, and the programming and wiring of your installation.

Battery voltages vary widely depending on many factors. The MultiPlus will charge as to how it has been programmed. The unit will work out of the box without programming, but it is STRONGLY recommended that a professional with training and experience get the correct settings for your system.

Please get in touch with a Victron Professional to make sure the system is programmed correctly.

It would also be a very good idea for your peace of mind to read the documentation about how the product works.

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