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Why Power Factor vary widely when Multi 5000/48 charger is enabled via AC-IN control in ESS system?


In my ESS system I have an Energy Management Energy Analyzer EM111 used as grid meter.

Watching closely all the outputs of EM111, I have discovered that when my ESS system has the charger enabled (ignore AC-IN disabled via assistants) the Power Factor vary widely in both directions, capacitive and inductive, in the range of +/- 0,7. At the same time the ESS system struggle to keep the grid setpoint stable and a lot of energy from the system is wasted into the grid or consumed from the grid with no loads active.

How is this possible?

Another observation is the fact that when AC coupled Solarmax inverter is active the PF variation is reduced and the system is able to keep steady the grid setpoint.

Is something wrong with my Multi or this is normal behavior?



MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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Hi MihaiR,

Please follow the community guidelines of allowing the community to answer before @ requesting Victron Staff.

If you need escalate an enquiry, you will need to go through your distributor or sales manager for support.

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mihair avatar image mihair Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Guy,

Because no one from community answered yet, may I call now some Victron knowledgeable stuff to answer my question? There is no rule regarding the waiting time ..



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Hi Mihai,

There are not yet strict rules on this subject. The guideline is that the community should not be used to page individual Victron Staff, unless they have asked to be notified about something.

To get support with Victron products as an end-user, there is a world wide distributor network who are trained by Victron, and have channels to contact Victron staff directly when required.

You can contact the distributor for your product here to make an enquiry if you are worried about a product you have purchased.

It may be that a Victron staff member or other community member does have the answer to your question and posts it here here, but please do not make special requests of them, or set the expectation for others that quicker answers can be obtained by using the @mention feature.

Now we are quite off topic from your original question.

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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @MihaiR

I suspect you measure 'relatively' high numbers, because actual power is around zero. so at 10 watts, power factor can look extreme.

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