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False 100% SOC - bmv-712

Hi hope someone can help pls

My new bmv712 just jumped from 92%soc to 100%.

Its first thing in the morning, my solar panels are just starting to make power. I think the problem is, it's seeing the low amps they're making as a tail current so thinks the batteries are full.

Is there a way to fix this? Have I got something wrong in the settings?

48v system of AGM batteries

Thank you




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Your tail current is set to 1%. This is 3.23 amps on your system.

It will help if you increase charge detection time and charge efficiency, maybe 95% for efficiency. Time depending on local conditions.

Also take a look at discharge floor. This won't affect the graphs, but will give a false impression of usable capacity. For lithium, probably best to set it at 10% or slightly higher.

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Thank you , took your advice, changed the settings, manually reset the SOC to 92%.

After a bit a sun the batteries actually reached 100% full , charge controller went to a low amp float, victron shunt reads 100%soc

I'm a happy man . I'll give it a few cycles and play with the settings

Much appreciated

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Setting these up required a little experimentation

Sadly it's not an exact science. Too much variability in batteries and weather.

As long as the step isn't too big, the readings are ok. You might want to research Peukert and tweak that. I left it out to avoid overcomplicating things.

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