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Will using multiplus compact with 170ah LiPo battery damage it?

I have a multiplus compact 12/2000 and want to connect it with a renogy 170ah Lithium battery. The renogy battery has a 100amp max discharge rate but the 2000 watt multiplus would want to draw more (up to 2000w/12volts=150 amps) if a high watt appliance was used. My thought is that if one tries to use a 1500 watt appliance that would not work with this battery because it would need too many amps that battery couldn’t provide. I am okay with that but am wondering if it will hurt the renogy battery if the inverter tries to draw too much from it? In other words, I am okay if the inverter can run high watt appliances but I don’t want to hurt the battery if someone accidentally tries to use too much power. Any thoughts on this?


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You should size your battery bank to your expected needs. I'm sure the renogy has an internal BMS so that if you hit 100 amps for more than a few seconds, the BMS will "shut off" the battery for a set time limit. It won't directly harm the battery, but using a battery to it's limit often will result in a shorter life span of the battery. Typically lifepo4 recommended discharge rate is .5c so with a 170ah battery, that would be 85 amps. You can for sure go over that, but it may shorten the life of the cells.

I'd add a second battery if you think you're going to be using loads in excess of the batteries max discharge rate. If you are a doing a "what if scenario" and your loads won't ever be that high, just be aware of the limitations of your system. However in my system, if I won't trip an AC breaker with the load, I want my inverter and battery to be able to handle the load. It'll be no fun to either be tripping breakers or having the battery shut off because of over discharge.

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Thanks for the information. It really is a more “what if” scenario for me as I don’t really think I will have loads anywhere near this.

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According to the Renogy battery manual, the protection circuit will kick in at 150A. But the recommended max is 100A. I'd suggest adding an appropriate circuit breaker.

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