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Multi RS Solar - AC 2 Out for Geyser using excess Solar

Hi All,

I have an Multi RS Solar running my home as a backup for heavy loadshedding (18-20 hours at a time!). System is performing great, and before midday my Pylontech batteries are fully charged. I would like to try have the excess power generated during the rest of the day channeled to heating a 1500W Geyser. If the solar is insufficient, it should revert to using the Grid to heat the water. Just means i'm not wasting excess solar when it could be used to keep the Geyser somewhat warm to hot... I'm guessing this would be done through the AC2 Port, but with the lack of a fully functional ESS on the Multi RS Solar, just wondering if that would be possible, or if there is another way to do this cleverly?

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The ESS function does not control the AC2 output even on other models.

It is available for use when there is grid available, which means the solar will contribute to the load when grid is there.

Are you wanting to run it when there is no grid power?

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Hi @Alexandra

Correct - I'd like to enable AC2 to output either on Grid, or when the Batteries are full and excess Solar is being generated so that the excess solar is not wasted....

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I think the AC out 2 is not on when there is no grid. You would need a COS two switch between ac1 and 2 and maybe a contactor to switch is off on SOC? It is the control of the contactor you will be limited on direct from the inverter.

What other components do you have in the system?

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