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Multiplus 2 GX in ESS goes passthrough looses communication and reboots itself irregularely

Multiplus2 48/5000 GX installed as ESS in Nov 2020 working fine until 6days ago when communication stopped as well display froze and system went into passthrough. Rebooting system brings back normal operation, unusual slow takes 4 to 10min). It than stays on for 10min to 1 h before Wifi communication freezes, screen on multiplus 2GX changes to blank, and than displays VictronEnergy. System resets itself randomly after 10min or as long as 2h (as so far observed). But than freezes up again and goes to passthrough.

It also appears that system freezes within a few seconds after connecting ethernet cable back in GX card.

Actions taken: Upgraded GX firmware to latest v2.93 from original 2.72 (upgraded via USB slot as ethernet port does not communicate)

Manual reset the system a few times. (by fully de-energizing system from AC and DC)

Also checked internal GX card appearance and cable connections. All clean and tight.

It appears that GX card needs attention?

Any suggestions would be highly welcome.

multplus 2 gx
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@Robert_Kogler The GX part of my Multiplus only reboots when it loses network connectivity set to 60 minutes. With your description, my initial thoughts are you are losing network connectivity and after a set period of time the GX card reboots itself to reconnect thinking it had crashed. It turned out my network switch was overheating because of the Multiplus generating lots of heat energy when charging the batteries form the solar causing a network disconnect, then then the GX to reboot. It was always around the same time of the day and this went of for several weeks.

See if there is a pattern to the rebooting. Does it happen at the same time, IE towards the end of a charge period. Are you using WiFi, wired or both? IS the router or network access point in the same space as the multiplus?

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Hi Jason, thank you for commending with your experience. At the mentioned site the drop out and freezing of GX happens at all different times. Nothing related to charge. (overheating etc..) Unit is mounted in cool cellar room. Network connection point is at least 10m away.

The reboot GX after Network loss function is disabled but has been tried to set on enable for testing at 15min. Did not appear to make a difference.

Thank you

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