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Multiplus II not charging

I have a new Multiplus II 48/3000 installation with 4 x 200ah gel batteries. The purpose for now is to use as backup power when the grid goes down. I have added a Venus GX controller and do plan to add a solar controller (MPPT 150/60) with panels in the next few months. I did a few basic changes (mostly the type of batteries) on the default configuration using VE Configure 3 software tool and the MK3 USB device and cable.

I now realise that when the grid power goes down the inverter will kick in and work as designed but when the grid power comes back the batteries will not charge back to 100% capacity. (It stay at the current level). I tested it in charge only mode by changing the switch from I to II and then it charges the batteries. Could someone please give me a pointer to the setting I need to change in Ve Configure to correct this behaviour?

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This will all depend on how the system is setup. so to help further you would need to give a full details description of ALL the setting and all the equipment thats been setup,

and in preferance you should contact the company that installed this for you as they would have all this setup information

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I will share the settings. Thank you Paul.

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Hi Paul. Attached please see information as requested.MultiPlus II.TXT

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multiplus-ii.txt (2.6 KiB)
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After a restart please screen capture the screen on the Venus GX and post it here, before and after would be helpfull

Also the ve config screen

this is the screens that would help

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Hi Paul. I did not do the restart as suggested because I am not currently home. I have the configuration file and have done a screenshot. I think I start to understand where you are going. I understand now that the MultiPlus will charge but very slow in float mode because the percentage did not drop under 85%. By switching I force it to charge faster. Could you kindly assist with the correct settings?

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