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Solar Setup

So let me start with saying that my system was designed by someone in the community and I was never given a layout, was sent fuses and breakers and only told what else to buy. We are no longer in communication and I need some assistance. I have: Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70 Victron charge controller 150/60 Victron charge controller 100/50 Victron lynx distributor Victron smart shunt Sterling b2b charger 70a Ac/dc panel 2x 25.6v, 200ah lifepo4 server rack batteries with built in 100a breakers 2x 70a breakers, 1x 80a, 1x 100a 2x 100a fuses, 1x 125a, 1x 250a I know I need a step down converter for the dc side of the panel. The part I’m having trouble understanding is how all of this is supposed to connect to the lynx distributor. Any help is greatly appreciated, my family would love to get our adventures started.

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The distributor is a central point in the DC setup. So all the DC sources, DC loads should meet there.

I realise you want to learn and do the setup. But there's a big knowledge gap. And potential for expensive/dangerous errors. First suggestion is to try and find someone local with the right skills to guide and explain. While we can answer questions, we can't do an online setup for you.

There are a lot of resources available online. First stop is the Victron wiring unlimited guide.

Each of the products has a manual, usually with wiring diagrams.

Many sample diagrams available on the Victron Energy web site

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Let me rephrase my question then. I have 2 charge controllers, one is 100/50 and the other is 150/60. Can I run and combine 6awg wire from both to a 100a breaker and then run a 1/0 wire from the breaker to the lynx distributor with a 125a fuse? OR do they have to remain separate? Also does a sterling b2b charger have to attach to the lynx distributor or does it really only have to connect to the house battery on the back end.

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