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CCL issue if dc feed is on

Is Victron working on a solution for the not working CCL setting in DVCC with DC-feed on?

I use seral driver with JK-BMS but with DC feed on, it is impossible to reduce the current load to battery. The driver settings are completely ignored and the solar charger power goes to battery till the BMS disconnects it.
I would like te reduce the battery charging-current to lower values in general and also would like to use SOC based limits.

I am happy with victron but this behavoir and the fact, that every reboot of my venus raspi makes doubled devices are really awful. The issues are alreday well known, many users have the same problems.

I created a node red based workaround to reduce the battery current (setting grid target value based on watt calculation) it works in general but in case of grid disconnection I will again run into problems.

Would be really great if a solution could be implemented!


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