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kabel lengte ESS met 3 x Multi Plus II

Ik ga een 3 fase ESS opzetten met daarin 3 x Multiplus II. mijn vraag is dit: moeten alle accukabels van de multi naar de LynxDistributer even lang zijn of kan de kabel lengte van een van de multi's afwijken in lengte?

Multiplus-IIESS3 phase
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hoi, zie punt 4.7 in de wiring unlimted handleiding:

A large inverter/charger or a 3-phase inverter/charger can be created by connecting multiple inverter/chargers

together. These units communicate with each other and, together, they become one large inverter/charger.

They all need to be connected to the same battery bank.

When wiring an installation like this, there are some important considerations regarding the battery cables.

For correct operation it is essential that each unit receives exactly the same voltages. To ensure this the DC

path from battery bank to each individual unit, or from the busbar to each individual unit needs to be exactly

the same.

If there is a difference between the cable thickness or the cable

length between the individual units, there will be a difference

between the voltages of these units.

Different voltages mean different currents. The unit with a lower

voltage will have a higher current running through its power

electronics. Inverter/charger overload is triggered by the amount

of this current. So, although the power that each inverter delivers

will be the same, the unit with the lower voltage will have a larger

current running through it and will go into overload before the

other units do. The total inverter power of the system will now be

less because when one unit goes into overload, the whole system

will stop working. The unit with the bad wiring will determine the

performance of the whole system.

To achieve a balanced system, you will need to use the same

cable type, cross-section and cable length to each unit from the battery bank or from the busbars.

Also ensure that all cable lugs are identical, and all connections are tightened with the same torque values.

Consider using busbars or power-posts between the battery bank and the inverter/chargers.

antwoord op jouw vraag is dus: kabels moeten exact hetzelfde zijn: lengte/doorsnede/aansluit techniek

translation for the english readers:

I'm going to set up a 3 phase ESS with 3 x Multiplus II in it. my question is this: should all battery cables from the multi to the LynxDistributer be the same length or can the cable length of one of the multis differ in length?

see point 4.7 in the wiring unlimted manual (text above)

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