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Set "Feed In Limit" via Node-Red based on Relais status + Reboot ESS based on Payload

Hi guys,

I am new into NodeRed and trying to understand if it can help me to achieve the followig:

My electricity provider requires me to reduce or turn off Feed-In based on the relais state of a device they have installed on my premises to manage their grid. (NSM they call it, in English "Power Reducer Box")

It's active with an SMA Tripower already which supports this local requirement. But as Victron does not support this and the NSM device is not in the same room as the Multiplusses, I need a remote solution,

My plan is to catch the relais state with a either Shelly or ESP32 with Tasmota and to work with the status communicated internally via MQTT via my FHEM broker.

In the forum I have read somewhere, it's not possible "to control a relais of the MultiPlus II via NodeRed as NodeRed only works within the ESS/GX-Device and the MultiPlus is outside". I assume this is wrong?

My understanding is that with NodeRed I can do like "if Relais1 state =1, then set Feed-in =0)

My current installation is a Venus OS >3 on a Raspi 3B, 2x Multiplus II 5.000 controlled via REC BMS on CAN-Bus.

Second: I need to reboot my ESS if the MPPTs are losing their connection to the BMS (error #67 as I am struggling regularly with this error.)

Anybody able to confirm NodeRed will allow me to do so?

I am catching the "error code-payload" already, but need to dig further into "do something, if payload = 67"


Any helping ideas are much appreciated!

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