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fluctuating AC output voltage

I added a new widget to my VRM page and noticed the voltage on the multiplus is fluctuating quite a bit, I have checked all the wiring and it appears fine.
Anyone have any suggestions what could be going on here ?
Setup is 48v 930ah (C5) traction battery
Victron 48/8000/110
Fronius 8.2-1
250/100MPPT ve can
Smartshunt 500
Cerbo GX
Off grid


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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ commented ·

Is it inverting when doing this or.on grid?

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scraggs avatar image scraggs Alexandra ♦ commented ·

Sorry I have just added the setup.
It's in an off grid setup, so inverting.

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JohnC answered ·

Hi @Scraggs

Probably just your loads. We offgridders don't have a grid buffer, and all those little mongrel devices like chopping power supplies can show up. This from my own system (Multi 5000)..

1677122081581.png At 01:15 my evap aircon shut down. Running on min speed, and who knows what the ac regulator on it does to V when working? Couple of spikes there too from an ac water pump. My genset is far worse, so I'm actually very happy that it can control to within that range.

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scraggs avatar image scraggs commented ·
Hi @JohnC

As always thank you for your valued input.That has reassured me, part of the issue is that along with this I have had more flickering led lights lately but this time when running inverter only with the Fronius switched off, but further investigating has now nailed it down to a new 3D printer I have been running for the last week (appears to be the stepper motors).
I am able to access a grid connected single socket so monitored the voltage on it throughout the night and it has varied higher than the Victron, going from 245v to 237.5v.

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