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MultiPlus II Excess Solar

Designing a system and I have a question about how the MultiPlus II handles solar with full batteries.

Assuming AC charge connection, and the battery is full, and I have a 1200W load…. How is PV power used? Will PV power be used to power the load and given solar is not available or insufficient will it use the battery or grid to make up the shortage?

Basically I want to build a UPS type system, which has its run time extended by Solar during an outage, but during regular operation the load is offset by the solar…. Basically I don’t want the PV doing nothing whenever AC is connected.


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In the case where the MultiPlus II is connected to AC charging and the battery is already full, the photovoltaic (PV) power will be used to offset the load. If the load is higher than the available PV power, the MultiPlus II will use a combination of battery and grid power to make up the shortfall.

The MultiPlus II operates as a hybrid inverter, meaning it can use multiple sources of power to meet the load demand, including PV, battery, and grid. When the battery is full and the PV is available, the MultiPlus II will prioritize using the PV power to offset the load and conserve the battery for backup power.

This behavior aligns with the goal of using solar to extend the runtime of the system during an outage and offsetting the load during regular operation.

Note: The exact behavior may vary depending on the specific configuration and settings of the MultiPlus II, and I recommend consulting the manufacturer's documentation for more information and guidance.

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