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Constant draw from grid in MultiGrid Hybrid system

Hi all

I haven't got a lot of experience setting up Victron's in a hybrid system with grid connection, all of these systems within the company have been installed by a previous electrician who is no longer with us.

Have a site with a 3kVA MultiGrid, about 2kW of DC coupled solar and a futher 2-3kW of AC coupled solar on the grid side of the multiplus, and 10kWh of sealed lead acid batteries.

When the solar should be happily self-sufficient, i.e. solar supplying the loads in the house and charging the batteries, there is a constant draw of about 30-60W coming from the grid. While it's not a lot, at roughly 1.2kWh/day it certainly adds up across a week/month/year/lifetime of the system.

I suppose I'm just curious if this is considered 'normal' opertaion and what may be likely to cause a constant load like this? Seems strange that whatever it is can't be supplied by the PV/batteries.

Any help/ideas greatly appreciated.




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