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MultiGrid BYD 3Phase occasionally shut down

Hi Victron Team,

We (DPA Solar) are an Australian Victron distributor and have sold a number of MultiGrids to installers who have set up 3 Phase systems. Two installers who have installations with BYD are experiencing some occasional error10 and error3 issues resulting in system shutdown. This is happening roughly about once a month. The systems can't be reset remotely and need the installers to attend, or for the homeowner to shut down and restart. One installer has noticed that when a grid failure is simulated (with loads on), the load side loads briefly went off then came back on after a couple of seconds (in off grid mode). However, when the grid was reconnected, the Multigrids went off, attempted to reconnect 3 times but would not power up (while loads were still on). Error 10 and Error 3 notifications are present. Only when loads were switched off, and the MultiGrids were powercycled, would the system come back up.

We're keen to hear if this has been experienced by anyone else and/or if this could be just when BYD batteries are used with 3phase MultiGriss, rather than with self-managed lithium or lead battery banks. And if there are any ways to overcome this.


David / DPA Solar

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As we dont know the sizes of the systems etc more info could help

however one issue maybe startup surge from a load,

check to make sure that EACH phase has the same load (ie balanced). this is important, ie one phase could be highly loaded and then at startup gets way overloaded and shuts down.

just a idea

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Thanks Paul. And, we've had another Victron installer also comment that the BYD bank should be big enough to operate in off-grid mode, not just sized for on-grid mode. This site has 1 x BYD 13.8 which is ok for 3 x Multigrids in on grid mode but 2 x BYD 13.8's are recommended for off-grid operation. Perhaps this could be an issue compounding this site problems. Will be checking this out with the installer



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