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Which Power Rail for 6 or 9 Quatro 48/15000?

I have a customer which want to install first three Quattro 48/15000.

The Batteries are 4 sets of SOPzS Cells with 4350Ah hence 17400Ah @48V in total.

Each Battery Set should get its own BMV 702, appropriated Shunt and 3 Balancers.

Also there will be a 20kW (400V 3P) Windmill on ACout and

DC Coupled at least 6 SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 VE.Can hence 32kWp.

According to "Wiring Unlimited" the Quattos should be connected between the Batteries to equaize the load on the Batteries.

The question is:

Which Power Rail should I use, IF the customer has the intention to add in the comming 2 years 3 or 6 additiional Quattros?

With 3 Quattros under full load I have already 900A, hence I can get with 9 Quattros just 2700A. I have nothing found of this dimension, hence I assume, hat I have to make such PowerRail myself?

My own Batteries are connected to an Aluminium Power Rail of 60x10mm, hence 600sqmm and support without any problems 1000A but 2700A would mean an Aluminium Power Rail of at least 120x20mm because I have from EACH battery set not 1 cable but 4! Hence I need space on the Power Rails for 12 Battery cables (H01N2-E 70sqmm) and for each Inverter 2 Cables of also 70sqmm hence 18 cables. If I use Bolts M10, then I would need a spacing of 30mm and the Power Rail would be around 1m long.

Any suggestions?

quattro 10kva
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Well, you answered your question yourself.
Up to 900A you can use the Lynx system. You can easily expand it, but with the limit up to 1000A.

I also would say that you have to build your own busbar. As far as I know, if you use Aluminum you have to double the material compared to copper. Also think about if you drill M10 holes that you loose material. Especially if you use iron galvanized or stainless steel screws. Better would be tin coated copper srews if you get one.

Instead of the MPPT 250/100 I would use the MPPT RS, because its better to wire the modules with less current (450V, instead of 250).

And if you really have at the end 2700A you need very special switches. I think you have to use NH fuses.

As you said in Wiring unlimited there is a very good description. Not only the batteries and the Quattros, also the MPPT needs to distributed as described in the manual. The length of the DC cables should be the same as far at it is possible.

I think your customer has to spend a lot of money in advance, if you make the system capable of 2700A at the beginning.

Here is a good video, where you can catch ideas making cool busbars:
I mean thats a lot of effort for fusing... I love this vid ;-)

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You are right this guys from the video have done an amazing job.

I love this work.

And yes my own Aluminium Busbar looks the same but because of a space problem much more dense. However, I consider changing it from 600sqmm (60x10mm) to 1200sqmm (80x15mm), 40cm longer and make two 105mm holes behind the Busbar trough the Wall (the Batteries and the Electronics are separated by a 100mm thick wall) because otherwise my existing 70sqmm H01N2-E cables are not long enough and I do not want to remake them (longer).

OK, in the Video they connected the Quattros with 120sqmm, which is really tough and my 70sqmm support only 341A (S1) hence I have with 4 Battery sets maximal 1364A...

The SOPzS 4350Ah have 4 pole sets and all have to be connected.

I think at the ends I will screw a Bar over it and use on each Battery set 2 cables of 95sqmm per pole which then give in total 3304A (S1). With 120sqmm it would be 3840A (S1) but I am not sure, that I can handle such big cables. I think, a Busbar of 120x20mm (2400sqmm) and a length of 80cm should be enough if I consider, that an Earthcable NAYY/AXPK with 1000sqmm singel conductor support 1258A in the air...

...and how often has the Inverters have to support a load of 100%.

A Busbar of 2400sqmm has short term overload capabilities.

Hmmm, yes, you are right with the MPPT RS, but are this not stand alone chargers? The SmartSolar MPPT 250/150-Tr VE.Can are syncronised.

I think, I will also go with a Raspberry PI, Venus OS large and a BIG Monitor.

Any comments and suggestions welcome.


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