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Multiplus 3000 not charging battery bank on shore power?

23f56cf5-bb7e-41bc-9dd7-c949eb74777d.jpegHello all, looking for some guidance with my multiplus 3000 inverters.

Inverters are currently installed split phase in a solar power system. Since I’ve installed them, I have not been able to get the inverters to charge the battery bank when on shore power. I’ve got good voltage at the inverter, (see picture attached) the VE configure application shows 62 Hz, and 122 V AC.

I’ve tried putting the shore power to the master inverter only, the slave inverter only, and both inverters simultaneously, and to this point I have no luck getting them to charge the batteries. I have also switched both units to “charge only” mode, which was also unsuccessful.

Any tips or pointers are much appreciated!

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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Kevin Windrem avatar image Kevin Windrem commented ·
Is your shore power split phase?

Is it 180 degrees apart or two legs of 3-phase power? The latter can be used if you set that phase in VE.Bus System Config or select floating phase.

You can not feed the same single-phase source to the AC inputs of both Multis even with floating phase selected.

You can feed a single phase 120 volt source to one of the Multis by switching of "switch as a group".

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Kevin Windrem avatar image Kevin Windrem Kevin Windrem commented ·
Because you'll find 2 legs of 3-phase power (120 degrees apart) in some campgrounds and true split phase (180 degrees apart), you want to select "floating phase" to accommodate both.

Then turn off switch as group. That should allow the Multi with AC power to enter charging mode and pass thru power to those loads connected to it's output, and the other Multi to be in inverting mode. It's loads will be powered by the battery which is in turn being charged by the first Multi.

Since you only have two units, I don't think it matters which you turn off switch as group on.

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kolbys avatar image kolbys Kevin Windrem commented ·

Appreciate the information. Clearly I haven’t used the configuration application much- I’ve got a couple error codes shown in this picture.

Seems like a firmware update is needed but everywhere I click “check for update” it says it’s up to date. Maybe this is for the configuration app and not the inverters, but I don’t see anywhere I can update inverter software version.

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Al avatar image Al kolbys commented ·

First off, make sure the firmware on both Multi's is the same.

If you have a GX device and they're on VRM you can go to device list> firmware update. Or you can download the latest firmware from Victron professional use a MK3 usb with ve.flash

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kolbys avatar image kolbys Kevin Windrem commented ·

So I guess it is worth mentioning this setup is in a 50 amp RV so 2, 3phase legs.

My first thought was one phase would go to each inverter, and that would be it. That said, I have a 50 to 30 amp adapter since my generator doesn’t have the 50 amp plug. Best I can tell these adapters basically take one of the three phase legs away…correct me if I’m wrong there. So I guess the answer would be the shore power is not split phase. We have that split phase inverter setup to power the whole RV.

I will try to change the “switch as group” setting tomorrow and see what that does.

Do you think I should use the master or slave multi? Is there any difference/benefit/downside?


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