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Bow Thruster Battery Charge - Fuse Question


I have a boat with 12V SLA house batteries. It has a Windlass at the bow fed by heavy cables from the House batteries and the +ve cable is protected by a thermal trip at the house battery end.

I've just purchased an Insulated Orion-TR Smart 12/12 18 Amp DC-DC charger, which I want to connect at the bow to the existing heavy feeder cables used for the Windlass, so I can charge my 120AH SLA Windlass battery, also situated at the bow.

My question is: Do I need to fuse the existing +ve feeder cable at the bow end, just in case the Orion can make its input go +ve and cause a problem if there is a short on the feeder cable, or does the Insulated version I have purchased make this fusing unnecessary?

Thanks - Dave.

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