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Low battery MQTT alert on Venus GX doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to use a VICTRON Venus GX associated with a BMV-700 to manage the voltage of battery on LAN network.The visualisation on the Web page of the Venus GX run correctly, but I want to have alert of low battery on a central server with the protocol MQTT.So MQTT protocol is activated on the parameters of the Venus GX and I use a MQTT client (MQTT.fx) on my computer on the LAN but I don't receive any alert.What is the path of the subscription needed in the MQTT client ? At which voltage a MQTT alert is sended ?
Thanks for your response.

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Hi Ims,

I am moving this to the modifications space.

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Did you resolve this? Do you get other Mqtt messages? (you need to use a keep alive on the Mqtt server)

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