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Does the charger stops charging when fully charged?


Since a few month I changed the old diesel engine for a waterworld electric engine. I have a charge Skylla Titan 48 25 see below

To charge the 8 12v batteries they installed a transformer 48-12v, see below

Now that the weather is quite bad in The Netherlands the boat is mainly staying in the harbour. Should I unplug it when I am not using it or can it stay always plugged-in?

I want to avoid a huge electricity bill and to destroy the batteries.

My concern is that the screen connected to the engine that calculates the battery pourcentage left and the autonomy never shut down. So if unplugged it is possible that it still think that the batteries are charged but it got emptied by the screen and the bilge pomp if it starts.

Thank you for your help in trying to understand how it works.

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Hi Mike, we don't know what kind of batteries you have, and what voltages are set in the charger, so it's very difficult to give you a good advice.

I think it's best to ask the installer how to treat the equipment so your warranty will be valid.

Hoi Mike,

Gezien de informatie die je geeft, is het moeilijk een antwoord te geven (wat voor accu's zitten er in, hoe is de lader ingesteld, etc.)
Ook is de onderste foto niet van een 48-12v converter maar van een shunt, deze meet de stroom in en uit de accu's, en zal verbonden zijn met de display unit van Waterworld zodat deze de ladingstoestand van de accu kan berekenen.

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