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Fronius PV point as AC IN

Hey everyone,

I have a fronius symo gen 24 AC coupled inverter and a Victron easy solar 2 which I use only on one phase as backup power for some critical loads. There is no integration between these two. Easy solar mppt has four panels. Fronius 14 panels. I was wondering if I can put the fronius pv point output which comes up only as a backup solution giving up to 3kw power when AC grid goes out and there is sun as a AC in for Victron using an automatic transfer switch. The solution will be like this: when grid goes out, Fronius output to the grid goes out, victron ac in from grid goes out, Fronius pv point comes up in max 90 sec if there is sun and gives up to 3kw, automatic transfer switch goes to input 2 which is fronius pv point.

Does it make sense?

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I have a similar setup:

* Fronius Symo Gen24

* Multiplus II 48/3000 connected to Phase 1 on AC-IN + Pylontech battery

If the grid goes out, the symo supplies the PV point plug. The multiplus supplies power through the battery to AC-OUT.

My question is, can I connect the PV point to the AC-OUT port.

Anything connected to AC-OUT would now take power either from the Symo PV-Point OR if not available, from the battery. If there is no consumption, the multiplus would load the battery, if needed.

Is this setup possible?

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<If I understand what you say correctly...>

Obviously I did not!

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Robert Boerescu avatar image Robert Boerescu commented ·
Fronius symo gen 24 is a three phase inverter and it is on ac in connected to the grid. Easysolar 2 is only connected to one phase and it is working for critical loads with ac out.

pv point is a fronius basic backup solution which gives up to 3kw on on separate output line, single phase if the grid goes out and there is sun. If a battery is connected to the gen 24 than it can use the battery also. I do not have a battery for fronius because it supports only high voltage byd at this time and they are expensive. Fronius also has a 90 seconds blackout even for their full backup solution so you cannot really use it for critical loads if you do not want them to stop. This is why I have the victron also.

pv point comes up as I said if the grid goes out and in theory I would not need it because I have the victron. However if the blackout goes for a longer time and I run out of battery I was thinking that I could use pvpoint as an alternative ac in using a transfer switch.

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matthias-fuchs avatar image matthias-fuchs Robert Boerescu commented ·
I don't think you would need a transfer switch. Isn't that what the AC-OUT is there for?

If the grid is on AC-IN is enabled and power can go in and out. If the grid is off, AC-IN is disabled, and AC-OUT is still powered by the battery. If there is an AC-power source connected, it would also be able to load the battery or drain it.

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