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Multiplus II 12/3000/120/32 charging voltage runout

Dear all please give me your lights on that matter because I cannot figure this out.

A customer of mine that is now far away from me, has problems with the absorption state of charge.

As you can see on the graph below, after a big load is turned off, or the system is reset (off-on), the absorption voltage goes up to even 14.75 and customer is reporting even 15.35 for 15 seconds causing alarms.

The ABS settings on the Multi is 14.4V and temperature voltage compensation (-16,2 by default) and is not supposed to be triggered when Battery temperature is 18C as on the example bellow. (that's not very clear to me when it triggers from the info I find).

All that happens in 3 - 4 cycles on every restart of charge and not more that a 20 seconds or so each cycle.

Anyway, I tried to change temperature compensation setting to make sure that is not the case from remote configuration, but the settings are not saved on the machine, even after turning it off/on after the setting.

I get no error message after I close the VE.config 3, I get the message and it seems to save the file properly to the device.

Cerbo is on V2.92 and Multiplus II on 500 (problem was also happening with previous version of multiplus II I think it was 496)

Do you think that I have to send him on a dealer for warranty.

The installation consists of the following:

Multiplus II 12/3000 (Battery temperature sensor connected)

MPPT 100/30

BMV-700 (this is set as systems battery monitor in cerbo)


3 GEL Exide ES1350 on 12V system




cerbo.png (175.8 KiB)
cerbo2.png (176.9 KiB)
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Hi @Dimitris Mavronas

Presumably you're using a Win PC. I haven't done this for a while, but when I did it a lot I learned you be have to be very deliberate about saving the .rvsc file. Like download via RemoteVECon, Save it, clear screen. Find file, click on it, local VECon will open it, make changes, Save it (don't assume Win will do it). Then check it. Clear screen.

Open RemoteVECon, tell it to upload. When it asks for the file, click on it from the file list. It should advise when it's done, and the Multi will only need to reboot with certain changes, but it will do it itself if necessary. Be very deliberate with the whole process.

Temp Comp will work if it's turned on, at 18C or anything else in the normal range. It's common for major load changes to cause a bit of overshoot, but usually corrects quickly. Your pics show what may be fairly normal, but fleeting. Alarms probably set too low, and I'd raise them a bit. Your anecdote "even 15.35 for 15 seconds", if it really happened, should be logged in VRM. These can't be deleted, and if you can't find it then it didn't happen.

And if it did happen, there may be something else at play, like a bad connection, something unusual, so you'll need to delve..

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