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Dual Multiplus II 2x120v units in split phase configuration

Can two Multiplus II 2x120v units be put in split phase configuration? The manual only describes using in parallel or three phase. I'm thinking of using just the L1 output from each inverter, similar to how the diagram shows for three phase operation. Any reason this wouldn't work?

Multiplus-IIsplit phase
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I am looking to do the same thing with my existing 5kWQuattro and the new one I am waiting to have delivered. I am running L1 from each inverter to L1 and L2 in my main circuit breaker panel. Then setting inverter #2 to 180 degree out of phase. And decoupling/ungrouping the inverters since I will have a 120v genset wired to only one of the inverters. And of course cabling the inverters as well. When I am done I will let you know how it will work out. Should be done within a month or so.

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Thanks for the info. I believe your plan should work just fine.

We completed the installation for these units. They were wired using L1 from each inverter, fed to an Autotransgformer. Configured in split phase (180 degrees), all is working as hoped.

The only issue to overcome now is the data reported by each inverter to the Cerbo. When on shore power (50 amp split phase), L1 shows zero, or slightly negative power on both the input and output, while L2 displays properly. When inverting, the output is displayed correctly on both legs. I have not been able to test using a single phase shore power source, as all that is available at the site is 50 amp.

When using the regular Multiplus or Quattro, configured exactly the same, this reporting issue has not been present.

I am going to ask a new question in the group regarding this, with screen shots of what I am seeing.

Thanks again for your help. Good luck with your install.

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Did you ever figure out what this issue was? Getting ready to add a second multi II to exsiting (not my choice) and wired for split phase for mini split. Trying to decide if it should push to go in a different direction
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Don't forget to check for multiplus model compatibility
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What do you mean? Unit currently installed is Multiplus II 2x120 unit not even a year old. Going to add a second unit and wire for split phase which is why I was wondering if anyone figured out why the cervo gx would report incorrect information in this configuration. I know 2 multiplus would be better route but customer already has the multiplu II

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