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Venus not updating Modbus info in real time

Hey guys,

Sorry I'm asking a question on my first visit :)

My Venus GX started giving issues yesterday the 18th Nov 2022. Issue is that it's not updating modbus data in the Web GUI. When I click on the battery and click on Redetect Battery, then the data updates to the latest values, but that's it. Nothing in real time.


Some background info: I'm running a Multiplus 48/5000/70 which is managed by the Venus GX (Firmware Version: 2.92) with a Dyness PowerBox F-10 connected to the Venus via ModBus. When I change to SuperUser mode and SSH into the Venus, moddump is giving a lot of output. I can also see the packets coming in via the GUI -> Network Status. This solution have been working for longer than a year and have now decided to give issues.


I am also connected to the Venus via Home Assistant on ModBus and needless to say it's also stuck on the same values displayed in the GUI.

Now for the weird part. I have done a factory reset using the instructions supplied :

Once the reset is done, the values are stuck again. If I only boot from the USB but dont reboot the Venus to reset everything, the values are changing and working as expected. So for now my Venus is showing the correct values again, but once the Venus restarts it will be stuck again. So now I'm stuck in a Factory Reset limbo which is working for the time being, but I would like to fix the issue. Anyone come across something like this?

Venus GX - VGXModbus TCP
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