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Please check my Schematic for our RV

Hi All,

I think I have the drawing kind of sorted, but it would be great if others could give it a sanity check before I build it.

A quick explanation of why I am doing it like this:

1. 24V Inverter and IP22 chargers used instead of DC-DC 24|12 charger because the DC-DC does not talk to the other chargers and could overcharge the batteries if left unattended.

2. Parallel IP22 chargers used (only at 15A each) to reduce the heat generated in the charger, 30A total to the batteries but from two chargers.

3. VE.Direct BT Dongles used on inverters to have visibility with all other BT devices on my iPhone.

4. Front, Centre, Rear and Top Cupboard are locations within the RV where 12V power is required.

5. Battery Protect inline for all consuming devices.

6. Wondering how much power will be consumed by the 24V inverter when the ignition switch of OFF.

7. 50A Circuit breakers used on each long power run to protect wiring.

Happy to hear any suggestions or ways to make it better.


Our RV Schematic.pdf

our-rv-schematic.pdf (867.8 KiB)
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