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value from Node-RED to VRM

The VRM Dashboard and the widgets are really great.

I have calculated a custom value in Node-RED, is there an easy possibility to show this in VRM?

I think it should be possible. I hope it works without special dbus-service. (something like the temperature dbus-service)

Is there an easy way to alter an existing VRM value with Nod-RED?

I think it’s more difficult. Because I think it’s written by the system and by Node-RED.

It would be great if there are some custom values...

Thanks, Markus

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Grafana maybe?

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Grafana is a good idea.

But it’s a lot of work to build something like the VRM Dashboard.

Or is there something similar to download?

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There are some prebuilt basic dashboards in there. and loads of shared ones on github.
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