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Use Solar 'overcapacity' to connect Mppt 100/20 Load to a grid-tie inverter

Since my camper is parked near my house, it seems a littiebit of a waste not to use the solar-panel for another purpose than solely keep my battery healthy. So I thought: When my battery is topped-up I want to be able to switch the output to my grid tie-inverter. I thought I could use the LOAD-output of the Mppt for this purpose. Is there anyone who did this? I it correct to do it? The product I have is the Victron SmartSolar 100/20 12V

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What's the specs of your grid-tie inverter? Grid-tie inverters usually have DC-in ports only for PV panels, where you intent to connect the MPPT onto?

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The picture shows what I do and how I connect things. The Grid-Tie Inverter can work with voltages between 10,6V and 20V, so since the Mppt load delivers 12V DC when it gets activated, i can feed it into the Grid-Tie inverter. I already got it working, but now I wonder if it is healthy for my battery, because say for instance I want the Load-ouput to go active when my battery reaches 13,4V (just an example), it thought it would would stop to bulk-load my Battery and start feeding the Solar power to the Grid-Tie inverter. But that isn't the case. What is does is: draw power from my battery until it reaches the lower boundary. Then, Load disconnects and the battery gets filled=up again until the 13,4V is reached and then again the cycle repeats. It seems that I'm supposed to use the Load output to send a signal to a relay which will make the solar panel toggle between "A: connected to the Mppt" / "B: connected to the Grid-Tie inverter".

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