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Multiplus 12/3000 Excessive No Load Current

My new multiplus inverter/charger draws up to 9 amps (110 watts) under NO LOAD condition. When the inverter is first activated, it draws 2.2 amps. Then after two or three minutes, the unit begins to buzz and the current gradually ramps up to 7-9 amps (depending on how long I let it run.) I've measured this with my boats battery monitor and with a clamp-on meter directly at the I/C. I've removed all external wiring except the I/C and the battery, connected by short, new cables. The result is the same. Some other posts describe no-load currents of up to 0.9 amps, but this is an order of magnitude larger. Certainly seems like a defective unit to me, but is there any way it could be mis-configured to produce this result? (Configured by the dealer.)

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