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BMV-712 Settings / temp sensor not working


I recently had my BMV-712 professionally installed, and I wanted to ensure that I correctly setup everything in the settings in the app. I have 2 12v Lifeline AGM GPL-31xt batteries in parallel on my Airstream, which has 250Ah. I also have a 3-stage Powermax PM3-75 converter, and no solar on board. However, I do have a 200w Renogy solar suitcase that I use when we boondock.

That said, I’m confused on what to set the charge voltage to as I’m reading different things. Some say 0.3 below absorption, others say 0.3 below float. Also, is this based on the converters voltage at those stages, or what Lifeline suggests? For example, Lifeline suggests 14.4 absorption and 13.3 float, but my converter says 13.6 absorption and 14.2 float. Separately, the solar panels have slightly different settings as well. So my question is:

1) Do I set the charge voltage based on the battery or the converter? Also, do I change this when I hook up the solar?

Below is what I have it set to currently, let me know if this seems accurate:

Lastly, my temp sensor doesn’t seem to be working as it stays constant at 30.2F. Any ideas here? It is the correct cord as I bought the bundle on amazon and confirms the part no. Thanks so much for your assistance!


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You need to set the charger(s) according to what Lifeline tell you to. Once this is done, then you can apply the settings on the BMV according to its manual. The settings in the BMV do dot affect the charge Voltages for the battery, they are there to detect the State of Charge

The temperature sensor is probably not the right one. I vaguely remember another person on here being supplied with the wrong sensor in an Amazon bundle sale.

You must use the sensor part number: ASS000100000
The correct temperature sensor has an inline fuse on the red wire. If there is no fuse then it is the wrong sensor.

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Thank you, and sorry for the delay in response! I didn’t see a notification about this response and simply forgot after a while :). So I double checked and it is the correct sensor part, however as you stated, some amazon bundles came with the wrong part, and perhaps it was “correctly” labeled?

Separately, I’m not sure if my charger is able to be manually adjusted? I tried looking it up but couldn’t figure it out. It’s a Powermax PM3-75. Either way, my main question was whether to set the Charged Voltage based on absorption or float since I’ve read it both ways. For me, it’s either 13.1 or 14.1. I’ve been running it at 13.1. Thanks for your help!

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