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Garnett SeeLevels and Raspberry Pi


Really like that the range of third party devices is increasing. Now been testing Mopeka and also Ruuvi. Working like a charm. Next thing I am wondering about is the Garnett SeeLevels sensors. Is the comunication with Venus done through Bluetooth or do I need som RV-C device plugged into the Raspberry in a way or another?
The question is basically about how to integrate the Garnett with my Venus?

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Garnett SeeLevel has a N2K version. It is now doe sale on their web site. I've been using this unit for many years.

As of Venus OS v2.90 The GX device also supports RV-C connection to SeeLevel. Although I have not tested this, one limitation seems to be that there is no way to set absolute tank quantity so only percentage is reported. I would go with the N2K version.

For either N2K and RV-C versions, you will need a CANbus adapter. Either a hat board or USB. I have tested both CANable USB and Waveshare 2-channel (non FD) hat. My VeCanSetup package helps configuration.

Note that the SeeLevel systems only support 3 tanks so if you have a second gray water tank, you'll be short a sensor. But you could use the Mopeka water sensor for additional tanks. You could probably also add a second SeeLevel system for more than 3 tanks although I have not tested this.

I did a quick cost calculation and SeeLevel and Mopeka for 3 tanks costs about the same. Mopeka doesn't officially support black water tanks due to solids building up above the sensor but some have reported decent results if you use tank treatments to break up solids and flush the tank often. So the Mopeka might be a suitable alternative to SeeLevel. I'd certainly consider it if I didn't already have SeeLevel N2K.

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I got an Mopeka sensor at when it comes to the Venus it was no problem to integrate it. This was working out of the box. The problem with the Mopeka is the space under my tank. The area is small and it is really hard to get it on right. Therefore I have been looking at the Garnett instead as they just glue their sensor in the tank side. More better in my installation. So everything boils out to choose between easy installation in the sensor-side or on the Rpi :-)

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