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EasySolar 3kva Inverter - AES consumption now changed to the same as normal consumption

Hi all – noticed a change in my Easysolar behaviour this morning.

EasySolar 3KVA

Using AES – modified sine wave for over a year now.

This morning, appears the inverter is using full power when in Low Power. From memory it used to consume as per the spec sheet around 12w in this mode, but in this photo it’s using around 32w. (understand these numbers may not be ultra precise but used a clamp meter and saw 0.6xx amp being drawn from the battery which is near enough.)

My battery voltage was lower than normal this morning which is what brought this to my attention. In fact it looks like the led’s for the charger on the front panel are very faintly flashing.

After seeing this, went and set the AES to ‘search mode’ and that worked (ie searched every couple of seconds) then reset AES back to ‘modified sine wave’. I also reloaded a saved config from January but that didn’t make any difference either as still drawing full power.

Any ideas what may be the cause? Thanks.

inverter current draw
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Did you try this with the output disconnected? My first suspicion would be something plugged in (charger, laptop / phone / ??)

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Question is about why the inverter in AES mode is still using 30 odd watts. This behaviour is new today. Previously was around 12w as per specs.

The 3w is not an issue - your right it's prob my phone charger.

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Ok so i'ts the same load as always?
I personally only have experience with search mode, when fridge turns on, inverter comes out of AES mode so uses more.

That's what I was expecting with your system also, also are you sure there are no DC-loads? ('left a light on') that can draw some current?

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