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Running 2 x Multiplus 2 48/3000 in a single phase setup with ESS

Hi, I am having toughts of running 2 x Multiplus in paralell with a single phase system, and maybe expanding up to a total of 4 later on. Using 1 source of single phase AC (230V) from grid.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. When running ESS, can both Multipluses feed back into the grid (doubling the normal feedback contra using only 1)?
  2. The transfer switch when grid is on, will that be "duplicated"? When I use 1 multiplus, the transfer switch is 32A when grid is connected. When I use 2 in paralell, will I get the same as 2 x 32A transfer switches? Or is there something im missing?
  3. My phase coming into my house is fused with 63A, therefore I would like to use as much as possible from that before supplying from battery (powerassist). So using 2 x 32A fuses (1 for each multiplus) should in theory give me 7360W pr multiplus of grid use, and 2400W of non-grid use? Or did I misunderstand the concept of transfer switch?

    Thanks in advance :)
Multiplus-IIESSbattery charging
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Lawrence answered ·

Q1. Yes add the 2 multi outputs together will export plus any AC coupled solar

Q2. Yes you will have 64a transfer/passthru

Q3. You will have 2 x 7360 plus 2 x 2400 when the grid is up and 2 x 2400 when the grid is down.

Ive just commissioned this system for a client. 6kw AC coupled on AC out(1:1) and 5.9kw DC solar.

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Thanks for answering the questions, much appreciated :)

Now I feel confident moving on with my system design, time to make some ordering.

Nice setup you have, I am also going with ac-coupling since I only have single phase, reason is that I can power much more when needed, and export when not needed. I cant wait until all the parts is delivered and system is installed!

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dear i connected 2 multiplus compact charger inverter 1600/24 in parallel and i configured it correctly , i have big problem that my inverters feedback electricity to ac-in line when grid is off ( when system go invert mode ) what is the problem ?

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i used 4 12v 200ah batteries so my battery bank equal 24v 400ah

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Please start a new thread for this question. Would be helpful if you included pictures or wiring diagrams
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