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Disconnect internal "GX Card" on Multiplus II GX

Dear Matthias,

Can you explain me how disconnect the internal GX Card in a Multiplus II GX ?

I have three units (GX) and I need make a parallel configuration, also I hace a Cerbo GX device.

Best regards


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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @Lorenchio

You need to disconnect the internal ve.bus cable, that's all. next you can also disconnect the power supply cable so the card is not powered at al.

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lorenchio answered ·

Dear Daniël,

Please can you tell me what is the internal "power supply" cable to disconnect? And I think that the internal Ve.Bus cable is the blue short cable, that is correct?

Attached some pictures of the multiplus II GX:




And also I need help for my setup, this is my instalation:


My intention is use TWO multiplus in PARALLEL, and the other one INDIVIDUALLY (the reason, 235V output instead 230V, for a far house).

- I was trying this, but I have some errors in the INDIVIDUALL inverter. It run for some hours and suddenly show LOW BATTERY and the inverter turn off, and the only way to connect to the CERBO GX was using a USB-VE.BUS cable, if I connect to the Cerbo with a VE.Bus cable, the other two inverters turn off inmediatly. I configured this inverter in mode "INVERTER ONLY", and dissable battery monitoring.

- Also I tryied to connect the THREE inverters in parallel (NO three pase system), but it was impossible to turn on. I put a Ve.Bus cable from the Cerbo to the first inverter, and other same cable from first to second, and second to third inverter. I think the solution for this setup is disconnect the cable that you mentioned.

- I can't use THREE PHASE configuration because I have a MONO PHASE generator, and I was reading that is not possible JOIN the three AC INPUT.

- My "ideal" setup is TWO in Parallel and one INDIVIDUALLY, and also all monitored through the Cerbo GX. If this is not possible, the three in parallel.

- I have installed two transformer (VICTRON CTR110000500) on each inverter in parallel for monitoring the AC INPUT. If I finally can configure this setup, how work the AC INPUT of the individuall inverter? I also need install a transformer for the third inverter?

Thanks thanks!!!!

Best regards


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