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Smart solar MPPT 150/85 Tr VE.CAN and DVCC participation

I have 4 MMPTs 2 are USB connected to a CCGX and 2 are newer VE.CAN. The older non- CAN are running firmware 1.59. The newer CAN are running firmware 3.10. I have DVCC enabled. The newer CAN devices do not appear to be using DVCC. On the CCGX if I select Networked Operation on a CAN device I see 2 items listed:

* Network Status - Group & Instance Master

* BMS controlled - No.

On the older MPPTs Networked Operation has 4 items

* Networked - Yes

* Network Status - Standalone

* Mode setting - External Controll

* BMS controlled - No.

I have victron smart lithium batteries, a Lynx 1000 VE.CAN Shunt, VE.Bus BMS, a Quattro 5000, and CCGX.

The CAN MPPTs go to float too early and they don't appear to be participating in DVCC. What am I missing in my config?


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48cae3d6-d068-42d5-9e8b-d3ed4abcf1f8.jpegVe.Bus to USB MPPT
1e66ac4b-5bf0-4652-a334-9c1c6bd72896.jpegCAN Bus MPPT

Adding pics of the settings to see if this helps jog any memories of a Victron Professional.

As stated in my original post it appears that the CAN Bus MPPTs do not participate in DVCC. The CAN devices also change their network status and more often than not have the network status listed in the attached pic. How do I get all 4 MPPTs to use DVCC info reliably? How do I confirm that DVCC is indeed working?


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I have been on a Similar predicament with 7 VE.Can MPPT and DVCC. Yours is a bit different as you have one listed as "Group and Instance Master". I do not understand the meaning of those terms nor can I find any documentation.

To get them working yesterday the only option was to reset the MPPT to factory default. However today a different but related problem appeared. If you are interested see link below:

I hope this helps.

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