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Multiplus Dynamic Current Limiter setting, Surge Guard, and Honda Generator

I am having a strange issue in my system. I have a 3 year old 12vdc/120 vac 3000va Multiplus in my RV along with an AM Solar SPS (Smart Phase Selector). This takes care of the second leg so all of the AC outlets and appliances are connected to the inverter. My system includes a hardwired Southwire 50a Surge Guard and when dry camping I use one or two Honda EU2200 generators with bonded plugs if I need to turn on the A/C. Otherwise I have plenty of solar and lithium batteries for everything else. On a recent firmware update my Multiplus has an option for Dynamic Current Limiting under the general tab. I set it and my system was fine pluged in to 50 amp ac and I assumed one or both of my generators would work as well.

Last week I went to an event in Delaware with no hookups. It was hot and I needed to turn on the A/C. When I went to connect one or both Honda's the surge guard did its normal 2 min delay but then the display would turn off for a few seconds and then it would start all over again never allowing power to pass through. I could also see it was showing a ground fault error. I have bonded plugs on both generators and never had this problem before. The whole week I could not use the A/C as there is no bypass on the surge guard. I assumed it might have been a defective SPS. If I disconnected power after the surge guard it connected fine. I had called Southwire, and AM solar tech support and they were all scratching their heads.

When I got home yesterday i plugged into my 50 amp outlet and expected to see the same issue but it connected normally. Long story short after trying many things I disabled the Dynamic Current Limiter in the MultiPlus settings and my generators connected fine. I tried several times off and on and it was very repeatable. I have no idea why this would happen. Hopefully if it happens to someone else they will know what to try.

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I am answering my own question here:

I have been using VictronConnect to remotly configure the Multiplus. I may be wrong but It appears that once in a while a setting will be set or cleared by itself. I will have to download the settings after making a change to be sure it is correct.

In any case it was true that clearing the dynamic current limiter allowed the surge guard to accept the generator power. However the real issue was not the "dynamic current limiter" but the "Ground Relay" was set on the Inverter tab. I would not have knowingly set that. In any case now I have dymanic current limiter set as well as UPS function set and my generator connects fine now.

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