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433 to 459 Multi FW


Today I have noticed that there is a new firmware for my Multiplus 48/5000 named 2624459.vff (459). Previous to this update the latest firmware was 433 with no other intermediate firmware version till 459.

May I presume that all the changes described below are now part of the latest firmware?

@mvader (Victron Energy Staff) @Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff)


  • All models added. (Most of the models were still on 433)


  • Transfers additional model info to VECOnfig.

(required for external current sensors with MultiPlus-II)


  • Bug fix. Some models exhibit occasionally rejection of the grid


  • Fix false E11 “AC0/AC1 mismatch”, “UMains error”


  • Added support for new MultiPlus_II (with configurable AC-out2 relay)
  • Supports extended VE.Bus systems when GrideCode=None.
    (New required configuration tools will soon be released)
  • Supports readout of (amongst others) extended E11 info
  • Improvement to prevent false detection of GND relay failure under special circumstances.
  • When the gridcode imposes a certain power, this power is now imposed at the Inverter instead of at the input.
  • Improved speed of Power regulation during ESS
  • IPLog supported by all gridcodes. This IPLog contains info about the reason the grid is rejected. The Log stores the 5 last ‘rejections’.


  • MultiPlus-II only: Bug removed. When the unit is in AES it will not switch to grid when grid is connected.


  • Automatic power reduction due to a rising internal temperature now also works during PowerAssist.
  • Minor bug removed. (Under certain circumstances (temperature related) the power up ramp was limited too much for FeedIn/Charge. The ramping up could take about 5 minutes.)
  • Solved issue with Multifunctional relay. (Once closed it would never open again.)



  • Added SOC low shut-down functionality
  • During FeedIn the power is automatically reduced when the internal temperature rises.
  • Furthermore, when connected to grid, the unit switches to bypass before it gets too hot. This will prevent switching off.


Major overhaul. Required for grid code related reactive power regulations.
At this moment it is released for MultiPlus II/Multigrid II models only.

  • Added support for reactive power requirements in VDE related grid codes
  • Addresses an issue in 3 phase systems which resulted in E11
firmware update
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No one knows?

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Paul B answered ·

O I love firmware upgrades, but its my own unit and you need to do the test on something or someones, so I might as well be the dummy :):):)

anyway I have just upgraded my 48/5000 multiplus from 433 to 459

as usually I backed up all the settings

SO First of all backup everything, and double check.

ON the update to 459 I lost all my assistants and all my settings.

had to reinstall everything, so no big deal but just be aware.

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boekel avatar image boekel ♦ commented ·

Yes you update the firmware so the whole unit is reset.

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mihair answered ·

I am very interested on

  • Improved speed of Power regulation during ESS

What exactly does?

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