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Should MAX charge V in DVCC be Equalization Voltage

Need clarity on Max charge voltage is DVCC, would this be the max charging voltage spec of the battery, i.e. in my case 57.6V (Absorption voltage) or would it be the equalization voltage?

Also, the DVCC manual states "With the SmartShunt configured as a DC load monitor, maximum charge current configured at 50 Amps, and DC system shunt reports a draw of 25 Amps. Then the chargers are set to charge with 50 + 25 = 75 Amps. "

Since I have a SmartShunt as a DC load monitor, does the charger automatically make this calculation?

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Max charge voltage is absorption voltage, yes.

Only use equalization on batteries that need it, not on others. These are usually traction types, but equalization should be explicit in the battery manual.

What the DVCC manual is saying is that it will charge at the set 50A (when no load), but if a load is applied and detected by the Smart Shunt, DVCC will automatically increase output to load current plus 50A. This maintains charge current at 50A. I.e. applying a load while charging will not decrease charge rate (as long as the chargers can support thi increased demand). Clever, isn't it.

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@kevgermany Thanks Kevin, exactly what I thought, perfect.

As for equalization, the bats are typical AGM bats. My impression that equalization every 30 days was ok for AGMs to keep the bank balanced if mid-point voltage drifts too much. As of right now, I haven't seen any mid-point alarms, but the system has only been commissioned for a few weeks. Should I disable this?

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Yes, disable. It overvolts the batteries and will shorten their life, causes excessive gassing, this will vent out through the pressure relief in the case and there's no way of topping them up.

AGM batteries are self equalising. The constant low current at float does it automatically.

Default setting for equalisation is disabled.

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@kevgermany great, thanks!
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