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VenusOS Large with Node Red AC Load DC Load and other nodes not working...

Got it all installed, but the node red integration seems to have issues working with the multiplus/system stats, the few post i can find on it seems to be people walking away from the victron node red integration and going to the modbus api. Wondering if anyone has had better luck.

Short of it, any of the nodes that would allow pulling from the multiplus don't detect it. (Ac Load for example). DC Load also won't detect. But Solar is fine.... On 2.90-10.


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@Alex Harvey

Do you have an Energy Meter connected to AC out and did you assign it the role for AC loads?

If you hover over the AC load node, there is some info popping up, telling what are the requirements to read from that node.


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I dont think I do, same issue for DC Load, i see it all in the UI on the cerbo, so confused that i would need to assign anything for it to work in nodered. (i dont have anything show up on the selector as option for load in nodered)

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And no i don't have an AC meter (only the one in the Multiplus. DC load i do have a smart shunt that is assigned for dc load. Does not work in node red as dc load, but i can find it all under ve.bus system node for the multiplus.
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It is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the little things, even if they seem unimportant ;-)

You need an energy meter for that specific node.

The same applies to DC loads. For this, a BMV712 or SmartShunt is necessary, configured as a DC meter to measure DC loads or chargers, for example a Wind generator etc. Only then you can access those DC loads via Node-RED and use it's data for whatever you like.

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Ah that is VERY confusing since the node name and the cerbo UX use the same term for two different things.

How would you access the system ac load and system dc load that is the same as what is displayed on the cerbo ux?

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I recommend you get familiar with all the Victron nodes just by trying them out and see what they can offer or not (depending on the system and devices).

Just one example: Try using the System node, which should give you plenty of options to play with. The node has almost everything you're looking for. With that node you'll be able even to see AC loads without an Energy Meter, although this is labeled differently for good reasons. Same goes for DC system.

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