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Mppt 100/30

7a969139-9207-4df0-aed6-ee9a98c33a2f.pngIs this normal? Float 6 days?? Yesterday I was using about 40ah during night with no charge from solar panels according to my bmw700. This is from the log of the mppt 100/30. Got all the new firmware

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Very odd.

What else is charging the battery?

You are not using a power supply instead of PV panels?

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No, I have 2x300w solar panels connected to it so a bit overload on 12V but not major issue
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What battery do you have? The battery min max values are different by 1v ish. so either there is no load drawing it down or it cannot take a charge.

W hat is the rebulk offset? It possibly is not dropping past rebulk offset, or there is something wrong at the battery level and cannot take a charge anymore.

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